How To Have Self Discipline?

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How can we attain self-discipline? it ain’t easy I hear you Say. Once a year in the Christian calendar perhaps you might have lent then in the Muslim calendar you might have a time of fasting, then in the other religions, all of these other religions, here’s all these different times where we need to stop. We need to stop eating. We need to eat at certain times or not eat at certain times. We need to do things that forgo our temptation. But you know what, these are tests for us and even if you’re not religious it doesn’t really matter because self-discipline comes from within and there are ways means that we can actually attain this proper self-discipline for ourselves to improve.

Let’s take Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey did the first of one of these things we’re talking about today and she succeeded handsomely. How? because she went to bed on time. You see there’s no question in the world that Oprah Winfrey is an extraordinary human being and extremely famous,  extremely financially secure for sure and beyond that and she became one the most successful women in the world. She claims without her rest  she`d not have achieved this. She reckons that her bedtime routine was hugely important for her and she said “In the evening I have a bath before bed. It’s just a ritual. I’m a bathing professional. I have different bubble

baths oils beads. Now that’s just her way of doing things. I not saying go out there and wash! I’m not saying that at all. But well you gotta be clean come on? but what I’m saying is that here’s wonderfully successful if not the most successful female in the world (certainly at the time that she began to become hugely successful)  and she had this routine.

Another female who’s hugely successful and went to bed early on. That was Martha Stewart. Now only like twenty-six percent of Canadians reported having eight hours sleep per night and yes this was actually where Martha Stewart said you can get ahead. She would just get by on say four hours sleep per night. She even claimed that by going to bed at the right time and getting to bed early that she didn’t actually need that eight hours of sleep. This is how she became really hyper-successful in her business life. That’s why she said it’s an exhausting lifestyle. “I always say sleep can go it’s not important to me right now”- so this is what she told herself to get where she wanted to go. For her it was more about, as said, going to bed on time. So,  if you can get that mixture of going to bed early and getting the sleep that you need surely it’s going to really help

you with your own self-discipline.

A man with a huge amount of Olympic medals was Michael Phelps. He had hugely strenuous workouts to become that Olympic swim champion. He would sleep huge amounts in order to prepare for competitions and he described the setup for his sleep patterns where he would go tp a type of chamber that would mimic altitude of between eight and a half thousand to nine thousand feet in preparation for the Olympics of 2012. He would use this to sleep and it was like “a giant box”- as he said himself.  So, that’s the reason why getting to bed early allows us to have self-discipline.

So it’s that ritual of sleep that helps those people like Martha Stewart and Michael Phelps. When those wonderfully successful people in the world of entertainment and competition and business actually helps them attain so you can too! – and before you try, you have to have that self-discipline. Another way of attaining that though is getting up on time. So, not just early but getting up on time.

Mark Wahlberg is a person who is hugely bankable shall we say in the Hollywood scene and

he would wake up at 2:30 am in the morning. He had this strict. He would eat breakfast after praying at 2:45 am, have breakfast at 3:15 am and by 3:40 am on the button he would then continue into his morning then by 7:30 am exactly, exactamundo, Mark Wahlberg would swing a club on the first hole of an 18 hole golf course. That was his morning routine and I mean people aren’t even getting up or just getting up at that time but that’s the whole point! He was getting up on his time and if you get up on your time you too can do this as well.#

 Benjamin Franklin though , was prior to the Mark Wahlberg era. For sure, he used to be an early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise character.

Michelle Obama (wife of the former President of the United States of America Barack Obama who was, of course, a wonderful Democratic president) looked at the whole idea of getting up prior to 4:30 am and religiously going to the gym at 4:30 a.m. every morning. She would have a workout done before her kids were even up. Before her children were there for her to tend to. So getting up on time but getting up on your time for what you need -it’s a golden mix.

The third thing is to eat better. To maximize the nutrients within our bodies and those nutrients than can help us to have efficient energy when we need it in the morning time, early in the morning. As I write, right now, it is now 6:30 am. I am full! Because I’ve had a nutritious breakfast so those nutrients are going to help us now and throughout the day to perform to our optimum levels. If you haven’t performed to your optimal level that means you haven’t got that nutrition at the right time. If you energize with grains, for example, it gives you a quick source of energy and these come from foods such as bread and cereals and so on. That’s why a lot of people in the know eat cereals early in the morning. That is good for your energy. For sure, but if you power up with protein- things like chicken, turkey and so on, pork even, and beef these are low kind of lean kinds of meats that help you to have that protein powder throughout the day. Of course, protein helps with your muscles to repair them and to give them a longer-term strength and viability going forward. If you mix this up with proteins even such as tofu (yummy, yummy) chickpeas (mmm scrumptious) and hummus and the likes of these kidneys, black or white beans and so on and then a variety of fruits and vegetables then you’re right on the way to a very good diet in order for you to eat better generally. However, does that say that this is the ideal diet for

everything? No, not necessarily. But we are talking about self-control for now. We’re talking about just generalizing. Your ability to create a better and more consistent diet so that’s consistency. We’re getting up on time and getting up on your time. Getting up early and eating better!

What about writing down what your goals are? this is a huge technique and one that’s hugely important because when you write things down they’re there for you to actually be real with. For you to be accountable to yourself. If you find an old notebook in a drawer from five years ago and you’re down about what you would really want to do and you’re just messing about and then you read and you look at your life right now you might well be hugely disappointed. But, indeed, if you actually write something down and then a year later look at it and you can see that just as the ink has dried you’ve already jumped into that situation and put yourself in that situation then you’ll be surprised or how well you’ve actually well graduated into that new situation that goal, that you want to attain and here you are right now with us to get greater self-control or to maximize your own self-control. Change and update the goals as they change because as you attain things you’ll be surprised. If you write them down in the first place you attain things quicker than you actually acknowledged. Well before you’ve actually realised and when you do that you can actually get out there and attain more because it becomes a habit. When you have written things down you`ve pressurized yourself and you’re sticking to that criterion of actually attaining and not saying to yourself  ‘I’m letting myself off here, I’m actually going to drive on!’ Why? because you’re used to driving. If you’re used to going at a hundred miles an hour it’s pretty simple to keep going at that. It’s just getting there in the first place.

Avoiding negative people is huge if you’re with negative people you become a negative person. If you’re around it so much and you can’t even understand who you’re around if they’re positive and negative then you need to step away in order to see who is negative. In order to understand who is positive and by avoiding negative people it is a wonderful thing to do.

You need to get with the knowingness.

If these people are jumping into your time then you need to guard it. You need to jump out of their time and get into your surroundings. To get comfortable with what you yourself do and choose your own attitude. To continue going with your time and to refocus your thoughts you need to remember prior to actually writing down what your goals are that you may need to actually refocus and see where you’re going because you’re trying to tell yourself to turn your mind, that is your monkey mind, where you want to be in the future. Not just now but in the future. You’re trying to create this lifestyle, this attitude towards yourself and for yourself and by ‘your’ self not just avoiding negative people but avoiding negative talk. Make sure though that if you are into self-talk that you’re not talking to others positively.  If it’s positive talk or at least medium talk that is by say giving the news headlines and by saying ‘did you hear the news?’ that`s fine but cut it right there.

Why gossip?  Why put your own tint to things? because avoiding negative thoughts then you’re avoiding negative feelings within yourself and towards yourself. So, these are the things that

help us to become more self-disciplined. They help us to create that lifestyle that we want ourselves to essentially have a reward. Reward yourself when you achieve small things.

Go for a hike!  Go out there and if you haven’t even done a hike before then this is a wonderful time to start. Keep it small. Make it attainable. It’s a small goal of a reward. It’s a reward for good work. It’s also an attainable way of showing your goal and setting properties once again. We’re seeing your reward. So, you can actually do that once again . You can also just cook something. If you haven’t cooked before then try a new recipe and visit a friend. If you haven’t visited in a while and you know they’re your friend for a reason then why not just go there and do it. Be that friend and reward yourself and avoid rewarding yourself though with what leads to your overall temptation that harms your goals. That could be counter-intuitive, counterproductive towards what you’re actually trying to achieve. Set out what your long-term goals are going to be and avoiding excess drugs or drink or any of them at all. Your temptation, whatever it is, you need to know what it is your own Achilles heel? Whatever it is you need to avoid it. Of all pearls minimize entertainment online except for things like this that are fruitful that are going to help you. These blogs and videos are educational as well as entertaining  (I hope for you anyway!) There is so much garbage watched online so we need to minimize them and avoid them. Why? because they ain’t getting us anywhere. We can have education and entertainment at the same time and still get from A to B and all the way to Z!

So, until next time thank you for reading. 

Have a genuinely wonderful day!

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