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How To Stop Overthinking Everything You Do

Listen To This Episode On iTunes Over thinking can become such a habit. 1. Notice when you are stuck in your head. In fact, you might not even recognize when you’re overthinking. You’re paying attention…

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Everyday Things That Are Killing Your Confidence

Listen To This Episode On iTunes Here are everyday things that are killing your confidence. 1. Social media. You’re killing your chances of getting out there and meeting people. Being with people is the most…

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Biggest Regrets in Life

Listen To This Episode On iTunes If we were on our deathbed, what would be the biggest regrets that we’d have? 1. Not taking enough vacations. Life should be a holiday, after all. Why would…

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How to Have The Best Action Plan in Life

Listen To This Episode On iTunes Today we are going to learn how to create a successful action plan! 1. Use pencil and paper.  Chuck aside all this technology and get down to the brass…

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