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Your Mind, Body, Brain, Business, Relationships and Life Is Successfully Guided By This Expert Online (And Real Life Face-To-Face) Service.

Consult Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D. Now For Your FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION.

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Dr. Conor Therapy Waiver 2020

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Do you want to achieve the best business, finance, family, fitness, relationships, leadership, or any other area of your life? Then contact Dr. Conor Ph.D. now!

Dr. Conor Ph.D has many clients who have one or more areas od life that require personal development. Areas such as business, finance, family, fitness, relationships, leadership programmes and, crisis management to name but a few,  can often pose problems for people of all ages. Dr. Conor carefully carves individualised consulting to meet each person`s specific needs. His success across a range of issues and age brackets has been noteworthy and the clarity gained by clients following their time spent with him have meant his methods are much lauded on the international stage.

Contact Dr. Conor on https://docconor.com/contact/

Before going to an appointment or consultation please note that you are required to print off and fill out the attached waiver, and pay at least 10% of the specific service. This is to avoid any potential cancellation on the client’s part and to assure that other clients have a fair chance of getting a cancellation with Dr. Conor, his staff or associates.  

These services can be availed of in a real life or an online setting. Please e-mail Dr. Conor for further information and a booking now.

If you are unsure of the cost of any appointment or consultation please contact Dr. Conor below first: 

Dr. Conor Therapy Waiver 2020

Services’ Deposit/ Payment Link

Contact Dr. Conor on https://docconor.com/contact/

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