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Lots of internet sites, online and indeed real life businesses and companies claim to understand well being, health and education, but few if any, have the real life personal experiences, professional expertise and lifelong advanced education as Dr. Conor Hogan


Mental Health for Millennials
Conor wrote a chapter on Friendship in Modern Times in the book Mental Health for Millennials volume 1. The book was so popular that it has now been turned into a series of books. The second volume of the Mental Health for Millennials series was released in October 2018 and in it Conor wrote a chapter entitled Selfies and Selflessness which dealt with millennials’ fondness for taking selfies and in it he questioned if they are as selfless as older generations!

The first book that Conor was involved in entitled Mental Health for Millennials  is targeted at those from the milllennials age group.

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What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new EU Regulation, related to protection of personal data which came into effect on 25th of May 2018. The aim of GDPR is to protect the rights of EU citizens to their data privacy and to ensure and accountability, transparency and security by data controllers and processors. It gives every EU citizen the legal right to know what, where, why and when their data is being used as well as their right 'to be erased or forgotten’.

GDPR will add to the already existing EU Data Protection Directive's eight principles:

·         Obtain and process information fairly.

·         The data must be kept for a specified, lawful purpose.

·         The data should be used and disclosed only for the specified purpose.

·         The data must be kept safe and secure.

·         The data must be up to date, accurate and complete.

·         The data must be relevant, adequate but not excessive.

·         The date must be retained for no longer than is necessary.

·         A copy of the data must be made available to the data subject, on request.

GDPR's main aim is to protect the rights of EU citizens’ data privacy and to ensure transparency, security and accountability by data controllers and processors. (International Association of Privacy Professionals.)


How Does GDPR Affect a Customer or Subscriber?

· continually reviews all personal data, existing privacy policies and alters and/ updates processes as required according to law.

·  has a specific procedure that will respond to data subject requests for access, recification, objection, restriction, portability, and deletion (right to be forgotten).

·  implements appropriate security processes and measures to respond to any security breaches.

·  ensures a record is stored for all necessary data, consent forms, privacy policies and procedures, training materials, and data transfer agreements.