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Sometimes well-being and good health demand that outside resources are used. Many times you choose the easiest method of going to see and Medical Doctor or going for a check up in hospital. This is always a smart decision for you never really know how your body, mind and  brain`s ill feelings are affecting the rest of your human systems. It is always important to be safer rather than sorry when you address your wellbeing and health. As the old saying goes

“You're Health is Your Wealth!”

However, it is of prime importance to try to prevent any potentially harmful effects to your well-being and your health. Becoming more aware of what keeps you healthy and what can help you recover from any physical injury, illness, or feelings of being run down or indeed any other problem can have a long term beneficial effect on not just your physical health, but on your emotional and mental well-being also.

The resources that are available here are beneficial for a variety of wellbeing and health problems. Depending on their dosage, usage and specific application and the regularity to which they are utilised, they can have major impacts to your health. It is of extreme importance to follow the exact directions when consuming any good from this page. The directions are there as a general guideline for proper consumption, but it is also imperative to know that each person is completely different and that each and every physical ailment, illness and problem can present with different consequential outcomes for everybody. Medically speaking, no two people are the same and no two illnesses or ailments can present in the same way on any two people. Respect must be given to how these resources are used and consumed and best advice most be accepted with your health and safety as being the paramount concern to Dr.

That said, all of the resources that are available here have been tried and tested and proved extremely successful to a large number of people. So long as these resources are used in the proper way and the way that they are intended to be used, then positive outcomes ought to be expected.


Herbs are an extremely powerful resource to your health. A herb is any plant with leaves, flowers, or even seeds, and can be used for flavouring, food, perfume, or medicine.

Medicinal Herbs

A medicinal herb derives from a plant that has comparable properties as conventional pharmaceutical drugs that humans use. These types of herbs have been used for thousands of years throughout history and around the world. They can either cure or lessen symptoms from an illness when used in the correct fashion, which includes being purchased following private consultation from suitably qualified professionals. A pharmaceutical drug is a drug that is formed in a laboratory to cure or help an illness. Within the laboratory these drugs may use components of medicinal herbs. So effectively, pharmaceutical drugs, though very effective in many ways, are produced following human intervention. In contrast, medicinal herbs come from nature and so their benefits are completely natural.

Care must be taken when purchasing and consuming herbs. It is essential that you consult with a suitably qualified herbalist before intending to consume any form of herb.

The ranges of herbs that are available here have all been extensively researched and their safety of consumption has been assured, so long as the directions for consumption are properly adhered to by you. All of the herbal products that are available here are sourced within the European Union and have followed strenuous legal guidelines for production and sale. None of the herbs purchased by you here can be given to another third party person or organisation and are not to be resold in separate packaging. This is for the well-being and general health of the population at large. To purchase any of these herbs you must have a private consultation with Dr. Conor. Please refer to the contact page

Please Note
Please be aware never to consume herbal medicine if taking any other form of medication. Always check with your herbal practitioner before consuming herbal medicine if you are pregnant or have any other medical diagnosis or condition, even if you do not think that it is directly related to your illness, ailment or injury.

Dr. Conor or any of his outsourced affiliates do not take responsibility for any improper usage, re-selling, or other irresponsible handling or re-production of these herbal products. These herbal products are sold in good faith as to be used following the internationally and nationally strict medical guidelines. These herbs, though medicinal herbs in part, require proper consultation by responsibly qualified medical herbalists before any purchase or consumption. It is best to seek medical advice and attention before purchasing these and any herbal prescription. A summary of proper guidelines of production, sale and/ or consumption can be seen here on:


With a purchase of any 2 courses from the Courses page you get 1 free yoga class video!

If you are feeling the effects of being physically ill, unwell, overweight,  or injured then you will really benefit from the videos that are on offer here. If you have other health problems or are just concerned about your overall wellbeing in general then you will also get tremendous benefit from these resources also. These videos are of sufficient length to allow for best practice concentration levels of all the children, adolescents and adults that use them. Each video contains visual footage of Yoga postures, proper timed postures, images of the idea posture, common pitfalls of the complete beginning yoga student whilst attempting the postures, directions on how to physically support and aid people when instructing them to learn their Yoga postures, the fundamental and clinical teaching tips of each posture, music and audio that both entertain and educate the specific age groups that each video is aimed at. These Yoga videos are ideal for the complete beginner, be they a child, adolescent or adult. Following from 13 years of experience and the Best Internationally Accredited Teaching classes are the following Yoga classes that will help you to regain or maintain your wellbeing and health:

Exercise Female Fitness Girl Health Human

Yoga means Union. Essentially Yoga comes from an ancient tradition of over 5000 years. Ancient practitioners of yoga were heralded for having wonderful wisdom, extreme calmness, being rich of health and well being and were often known to live well past 100 years old. Yoga gives a plethora of wellbeing and health benefits. Almost every illness and injury can be healed through Yoga, so long as it is practiced regularly. Those that try Yoga usually reap the immediate benefits of it straight away and are marvelled at its simplicity of approach and yet it`s extreme ability to motivate even the least energetic, less well and most unmotivated of people to continue with their Yoga practice.

All of the classes on the following videos are Internationally Accredited by Yoga Alliance which is the premier international accrediting organisation for Yoga –

Children’s Yoga Classes

Ramble in the Forest Children's Yoga Class

Do you want your child to be healthier, happier, more concentrated, calmer, and have more self control? And do you want your child to be fitter, stronger, more flexible, and be able to work independently? If the answer is “Yes” then, take the expert complete beginning children`s yoga class

These digitally recorded classes give your child up to 90 minutes of video, audio, music, and commentary. Your child will learn yoga quicker and easier in the comforts of your own home!

The Ramble in the Forest Yoga class helps your child with the creative side of their brain.
The ABC Yoga Class

Do you want your child to be healthier, happier, more concentrated, calmer, and have more self control? And do you want your child to be fitter, stronger, more flexible, and be able to work independently? If the answer is “Yes” then, take the second of the expert complete beginning children`s yoga classes.

These digitally recorded classes give your child up to 90 minutes of video, audio, music, ABC Yoga Class and commentary. Your child will learn yoga quicker and easier in the comforts of your own home!

The ABC Yoga class helps your child with the creative side of their brain in a different way to the Ramble in the Forest Yoga Class.

Both the Ramble in the Forest and the  allow your child build up a more enjoyable, athletic, balanced and lifelong practice!

Adolescents Yoga Classes

Often adolescents that were once such nice young children can suddenly blossom into teenagers that have a confident attitude, an inflated opinion of themselves or other issues in life. However, the opposite is also true. For many young people of this age group can unsure of themselves, feel nervous or agitated, stop communicating, become anxious or simply change or worse. This Yoga class video allows your young person to become more balanced in their emotions and in their self worth. It allows their brains to become productive academically and to becoming equally creatively balanced.

Physically this complete beginner class will allow you young person to become fitter, stronger, more flexible, and be able to work independently.

All of the digitally recorded classes on this site give your child, young person and even adults up to 90 minutes of video, audio, music, and commentary. Your child will learn Yoga quicker and easier in the comforts of your own home!

Adults Yoga Classes

Adults Yoga class videos are coming soon. In order to avail of them you must join the mailing list. By joining the mailing list you will also be automatically subscribed to our newsletter where further updates, news and offers will be sent to you!


Mindfulness is the art of being able to be completely in the moment. Often throughout the day and night our minds wander. This has been a fact of humanity since the conception of the first human being. However in more recent times there has been growing stress in society. Now-a-days everyone is very busy and they have many external pressures on them. Work life, school life, college life, economic pressures and relationships all have their ups and downs. It`s difficult to get a time to clearly think of your positive next move. Couple that all together with the oversupply of mass media through television, newspapers, magazines, books, online websites, and apps and the instantaneous information being produced through the use of modern technologies of screens, mobiles devices, phones, watches and other portable electronic communication machines and it is difficult to get a moment to yourself.

Mindfulness takes all of that away. It leaves you with just yourself. The true part of yourself that means so much to you, but that you have lost in the midst of all the madness of living. Learning the techniques of mindfulness gives a person great energy, mental and emotional clarity, balance, cognitive ability, greater short term memory, and though it takes time it gives back your ability to use your time far more productively. It is a huge addition to modern living and is a wonderful tool for well-being and health restoration.

Children’s Mindfulness Videos

These videos allow you to educate your child on the ancient art of mindfulness. In today`s busy it is difficult to get ahead in life. There is a mountain of economic doom and gloom and general over-stimulation in every media outlet that is projected towards our senses through our televisions, newspapers magazines, phones and other electronic devices. It all can cause stress for many adults. But for children and young people it can be all too much. They need to learn to take time out of it all in a healthy way that takes away the stress and enables them to become skilled at self managing  their own emotions and mental health. These mindfulness videos are created in order to target specific areas of young people`s lives that cause the most stress, yet being the greatest learning for life. By playing these mindfulness videos in a quite room alone, children and young people learn the skill of mindfulness in the moment and prevent mental health difficulties now and in the future for themselves.

Included in the Mindfulness video:

The Loving Penguin (to help make your child more loving),

The Sleeping Baby Bear (to help make your child sleep better),

The Brave Lion (to help make your child face up to fears),

The Concentrating Eagle (to help make your child concentrate better),

The Confident Parrot (to help make your child confident),

The Exercising Horse (to help make your child exercise),

The Friendly Monkey (to help make your child more social),

The Healthy Eating Ant (to help make your child a healthier eater),

The Independent Hardworking Puppy (to help make your child more independent),

The Self Controlled Wolf (to help with your child`s self control),

The Trusting Dog (to help make your child more trusting).


Adolescent (Teenage) Mindfulness Videos

The ancient art of mindfulness allowed many young people the time and space within their thoughts to maturely tackle ancient society when in many ways, there were more responsibilities asked of them in life. Ancient times demanded than fewer young people were educated past basic school primary or middle school level and so by the time a child reached puberty they were often expected to fend for themselves and for their families. Having the ability to be mindful allowed them to mature properly and yet enjoy the momentous occasions of their youth, despite such pressures that were cast upon them. Present day young people are often referred to as teenagers, yet this label was only coined in 1950s USA. Young people are expected to act like older people now but have new and growing pressures on them before that many experts say are completely unnatural. Learning to be mindful is true gift to give any young person and as they are digitally stimulated everyday it is important to be able to educate their senses in this way also when they learn the ancient art of mindfulness.

Included in the Mindfulness video:

  • Exam Stress
  • Exam Visualisation
  • Feeling Good About Yourself
  • Vegetables Are Best
  • Managing Stress
  • Meeting That Other Person
  • Speaking In Front Of People 
  • Standing Up For Yourself


Learn how to mindfully visualize by purchasing these two videos that guarantee your child success. Buy both the child mindfulness visualizations and the teenage mindfulness visualisations and prepare your child for better life outcomes. Gift them more awareness, courage, maturity and responsibility!


Mindfulness Audios

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