One-to-One Services

Brain Therapy

The brain is a complex and curious part of the human body. Conor adapts his specific neurological qualifications for each your individuality. His unique approach derives from a multitude of successful therapies and following a consultation with an individual, he crafts a customized and person centered approach to each individual issue that you have. Whether it is a mental illness, an emotional problem, a cognitive or otherwise neurological issue, Conor is available for brain therapy for you.

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Personal Development

Conor has many clients who only seek specific areas of their life that require personal development. Areas such as finance, family and relationships can often pose problems for people of all ages. Conor carefully carves individualised consulting to meet each individual`s specific needs. His success across a range of issues and age brackets has been noteworthy and the clarity gained by clients following their time spent with him have meant his methods are much lauded on the international stage.

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Neuro-Wellbeing Consultation

Conor has a degree in neuroscience and has 18years experience as a primary and post primary teaching. and has completed many university studies on education, health and well-being and social matters. He has taught in a wide range of schools including mainstream and special schools.

Unlike many teachers, he has taught special needs pupils who are higher order learners and not just students who struggle with normal mainstream learning.

He has designed and held specialist staff talks and workshops for teaching school staff also.

Along with his personal experiences and further education, tied in with his educational background with health and well being, Conor now offers an individual and group health and well-being service encompassing specific neurological techniques, physical exercise and mindfulness also.

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Workshops and Talks

Conor has held educational, neuroscience, health well-being talks and workshops. Many of his talks and workshops are aimed at clubs and societies that are in need of one of education and awareness on the wide variety of complimentary therapies and physical skills at his disposal.

Many sporting teams and organisations seek his advice and guidance to complement their preparation and during the course of their season. However, he is available on a one off basis to other organisations also.

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Physical Therapy

Conor has suffered from a lot of physical ailments and injuries and this limited much of his movement and growth when he was  younger. From these experiences he began to educate himself so that he could offer physical therapy to those in need of it.

Together with his qualifications in this area, Conor offers a wealth of personal experience for those who require advice and body work also. He also teaches regular exercise classes and often offers his clients this option to help their ailments too.

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Neuro and Brain Coaching

In 2014 Conor began life coaching for children.

He was the first and foremost life coach for children and adolescents in Ireland.

He was interviewed on an international coaching radio station, offered national television appearances and was on local and national print media which culminated on him becoming a regular expert contributor to two national magazines.

His experiences and the subsequent interest from children`s parents and guardians triggered him into qualifying into specialist and unique coaching for adults also.

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Writing and Presentations

Conor`s writing has been covered nationally and internationally through co-writing a book featuring in newspapers and magazines and other print media. In 2019 and 2020 he will be writing about a variety of topics in education, neuroscience, socialisation, health and wellbeing.

All of his writing will be linked from and into He will also present some of his writing in a variety of locations throughout 2019 and beyond.

He offers online courses and all of them are written by himself. He is available for writing and presentations to a broad audience and across a wide sphere of interests within the education, neuroscience, socialisation, health and well-being areas also.

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Yoga Therapy & Classes

Conor use`s 5000 year old techniques from ancient India to help ignite healing within individuals of all ages. Conor`s specific specialist techniques are used to provide rich flow to stagnant areas so that movement within one`s body is provided so that energy  find it`s natural path within oneself.

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Personal Training

As a personal Trainer, Conor motivates individuals according to their own special aims for fitness and greater health. Weight loss, toning and fitness are important in the modern world and with proper planning that Conor prides himself in, individuals reach their highest physical potential.

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